God.Damn.Chan “DIRT!” Cassette

$15.00 - $35.00

DIRT! is the new EP from @god.damn.chan (Sometimes known as Channing Day) and @wickedjoyful has the pleasure of releasing the limited cassette (50) and genuine dirt action figures (individually numbered 1-10 of 20 total) featuring a time-traveling authentic Toys R Us price tag.

God.Damn.Chan is a beat maker widely known for his bubbling fondue pot of hip-hop, trap, electronica, bass, and broken-beat. Chan has produced for the likes of rap and hip hop artists like @ras_kas , @yeahrightpos (@doomtree) , and @spizzyspose

What makes God.Damn.Chan’s DIRT! special is that the EP was made entirely using @teenageengineering (OP-1 and PO-133 / Street Fighter) and recorded on a Tascam Porta Studio 4-Track. No computers. Channing describes the release saying “What started as an experiment with an old four-track from a friend, quickly became a cathartic journey back to the love of creating.” Day has dedicated the project to his wife and daughter.

DIRT! is streaming everywhere on all the apps from @alphapup records and @wickedjoyful has the exclusive physical cassette.

Mastered by Grammy award winning @daddykev Artwork by @kevinxiquesartschtuff

Action Figure handcrafted in the Chicken Tender Capital of the World (Manchester, New Hampshire) by @WickedJoyful

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