Jeff Freedman Wizard Security Custom Action Figure


I have been given permission from Jeff Freedman to offer these handmade, custom action figures, of his likeness. I will accept a limited amount of preorders and will ship by May 1, 2024 and June 1, 2024. I will assess the demand as I get through this initial offer.

Given the handcrafted nature of my artwork, each figure may look slightly different than the one pictured. Items are meant to be kept in package, for display only, there's protective cases available in my shop here:

Thanks to Jeff for the inspiration, consent to his images, years of keeping us safe and thank YOU so much for supporting my art.


My story:

First time I encountered “The Wizard” was in the 90’s. I was a teenager seeing Rancid at the Avalon on the Let’s Go! tour (it was $5 Waterdog and daltonic opened). Since then, I’ve seen him at more shows than I could count.

I’ve only been tossed by his team once, but I deserved it. I was 19 at a ska show and snuck a warm Bud Light into the bathroom at Middle East in Cambridge.

Years later, my band opened for Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Axis. The show mattered even more because I was finally playing to the back of the Wizards head - I had officially made it! 😅

Here’s my tribute to one of the true Legends of Boston, Jeff Freedman of Wizard Security 🪄🧙‍♂️

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