The Chicken Tender Capital of the World Sweatshirt


The Chicken Tender Capital of the World is an original design, created exclusively for Wicked Joyful. Any other website selling this t-shirt is not authentic! This is the t-shirt you saw WBZ Radio's Reporter Matt Shearer wearing alongside Nick Lavallee from Wicked Joyful on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Chicago is home to deep dish pizza. Detroit is known for Mom's Spaghetti. Manchester NH should be synonymous with the Chicken Tender.

Invented at Puritan Backroom Restaurant in 1974, the chicken tender is a celebrated menu item that is widely available at many Manchester locations. Whether you prefer your tendies sauced in buffalo or naked, dipped in duck sauce, there's no question that this strip of fried fowl is part of who we are.

I've publicly suggested to the elected officials and the Mayor on the 6th day of December in the year 2022 that Manchester, New Hampshire should be declared "THE CHICKEN TENDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD"

Printed in New England, try not to get any duck sauce on it.

Thank you!

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